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People learn more effectively when they are actively engaged. That’s why Rheum Academy is constantly pursuing innovative approaches to experiential medical education. From patient simulations to mixed reality experiences, you will always find objective data delivered in fascinating ways at Rheum Academy.
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Mixed Reality

This technology creates an immersive environment that expands the exploratory abilities of the learner, including a 360° self-directed experience that allows participants to manipulate 3D images and view them from multiple angles.

Please use the Google Chrome browser for this self-directed exercise. Click on green button below to get started.

During the exercise:
  • Place a mouse over an object or a button to read a label
  • Click on buttons to navigate through the joint, cellular and molecular levels, to select a drug, and to advance the animation
  • At the molecular level, click on the center of a green circle to see the effect of the drug
  • Use a schema with keyboard commands to enhance your experience by turning the virtual objects and changing the view

MOA Videos

Mechanism of action (MOA) animation is an effective approach for visualizing molecular and cellular concepts. Learners absorb information presented through animated medical videos about 60,000 times faster than information from text-based media.

MOAs of Therapies for Atopic Dermatitis

MOAs of Therapies for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

MOA of JAK Inhibitors in Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Shared Decision Making

Vicarious learning describes a method of teaching new behaviors from watching videos. It is an effective training practice for healthcare professionals, particularly in the area of communication.

Patient Simulations

Patient simulations involve scenarios that mirror clinical situations. This deliberate practice of complex challenges that healthcare providers face daily is a safe opportunity to explore the effects of different clinical decisions.


TED-Style Talks

The TED Talk format is widely recognized as an engaging method for delivering a variety of educational experiences. This style is characterized by brief chats that address the most pressing issues of the day, including unique ideas presented succinctly and with great conviction.

Clinical Decisions Supporting What Matters to the Patient

Psoriatic Arthritis in your Patient with Psoriasis: Guidelines Are Nice But Listening Is Better